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My full name is Katherine Ann Lorincz Wilson (I pronounce it like Lawrence) and my pronouns are she/they. There are a lot of self-portraits in this portfolio, five just in the one above, if you'd like to know what I look like. I'm a 23 year old UNCG student working on my BFA in studio arts with a concentration in sculpture and ceramics. I graduated from Randolph Community College with an AAS in commercial photography in 2017. I originally designed this website and bought this domain while I was at RCC, so it's based on my maiden name, Parker, and one of my favorite variations of my name, kt. I usually introduce myself as kat, Katherine, or kt (the letters k and t). Any of those are fine! 


I am from Mocksville, NC and now live with my husband and our two cats, Scar and Hades, in Asheboro, NC. I use my sense of humor to make the best of all situations, and I think that reflects in a lot of my work. My husband graduated from UNCG with a BS in Nutrition and Dietetics, and his influence is present in a lot of my recent works. He is currently the dietary manager of an assisted living and rehabilitation facility, so the COVID-19 pandemic has dominated our conversations and anxieties for months on end.

My work takes a lot of forms because my main interest is in material tests and exploration. My dad has always had a camera on him, and my mom, a member of a fiber arts guild, prefers to spend her time surrounded by yarn or thread in any capacity. Photography and fiber works are definitely my most consistent areas of interest. I like sculpture because it really gives me the freedom to create without bounds. In my site-specific sculpture course, I had the opportunity to help two of my best friends document performance pieces, and I absolutely fell in love. I'm very pleased to present Zoom Static on its own page here. I think I will revisit the project soon.

If you have any questions for me or would like to suggest any new cold weather crockpot meals for me to try, my contact information is listed below. 


Last but certainly not least, if you'd like to support me and help me continue making weird art, please consider buying me a Ko-fi! Donations are only $3 and just a little bit can make a huge difference for me and what I'm able to create! 


I started taking unconventional portraits to try to share my perspective of the world. My shoe series tries to capture the personality of each subject through their shoes, which was inspired by my dad's "Places My Feet Have Been" album that he's been creating as long as I can remember. I've also started a series showing small messes we make during daily routines. It was primarily inspired by my growing collection of coffee stains on my pants and kitchen floor.

This site was originally dedicated to my photography work, but as I develop my portfolio at UNCG, I'll be slowly adding my sculpture and flat work into the mix. I love experimenting with new techniques and materials, so I hope to keep you updated as I learn new things!


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